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Lower Keys

“Lower Keys” describes the 35-mile stretch of the Florida Keys beginning at MM40 at the southern end of the Seven Mile Bridge to Stock Island at MM5. At WaterfrontAuthority.com, we define the end of the Lower Keys at MM12, or somewhere between Saddlebunch Keys and Shark Key. Islands within the Lower Keys include Ohio Key, No Name Key, Big Pine Key, Little Torch Key, Middle Torch Key, Big Torch Key, Ramrod Key, Summerland Key, Cudjoe Key, Sugarloaf Key, and Saddlebunch Keys.

A quick glimpse of the Lower Keys via a satellite view map shows a massive geographic area of magnificent diversity in terms of both terrain and underwater features. Incredible opportunities abound in the Lower Keys for watersports adventures including boating, fishing, snorkeling, diving, and gorgeous crystal clear seawater. Night sky viewing in the Lower Keys is an absolute shock to your cranial system as the lack of light pollution enables scenes not visible in most parts of the inhabited United States. Diving Looe Key, spotting a Key Deer, and enjoying the beaches of Bahia Honda State Park are just a few of the things you will experience in the Lower Keys.

If the Lower Keys is where you feel most comfortable, you need to narrow your search to a specific Zone, or key, within the Lower Keys. Some prefer Ramrod Key, while others prefer a section of the Torch Keys, or Cudjoe Key. Your search begins here at WaterfrontAuthority.com. Your next step is to contact Trae Zipperer and arrange a day and time to meet in the Keys. Once in the Keys with an experienced waterfront real estate broker to guide you, you’ll be able to select the best property and become an owner in this tropical paradise with gin clear water and water sports second to none.

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